The Perceptive Woman


The Perceptive Woman.

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Sherilyn Palmer is a busy midwife and educator in fertility, women’s cycles and wellbeing, providing sessions to women to assist with their health and wellbeing. Sherilyn came to Two Trees Creative to re-approach her logo and branding, as her first run at working with a designer hadn’t resulted in a brand she felt she loved. We have created a visual identity that Sherilyn felt comfortable marketing to potential clients, including a new logo, business cards, letterhead, flyers, templates, website (WordPress) design & development, sourcing Stock photos, Mailchimp campaign and social media banners.

“Two Trees Creative were a dream to work with. They respected my ideas and translated them beautifully through the design process. Their experience in this industry was obvious. This made me feel confident, they were the right person for the job. It’s nice to know that I have finally found a designer to work with on an ongoing basis.”
Sherilyn Palmer, The Perceptive Woman