Grow your brand with inspired creative that tells your story, and inspires your audience.

Without continual growth and progress,
such words as improvement, achievement,
and success have no meaning.

Benjamin Franklin

What we do can be simply explained: we help people with their branding.
The work we create looks gorgeous, but it goes deeper than that. We get inside the needs of the people who work with us. We know that without an audience for your brand, building your brand is futile. So we always work with that in mind.

Our creative shop is a small, two person team. Between us we have over thirty years of experience working on commercial and creative projects, and bringing them to life from the first seed of an idea. This is our passion and we know we are good at helping people do this.

We work with people from all over Australia. Location is no barrier, and we are very accustomed to delivering campaigns remotely by utilising video conferencing and our online project management system. We can tell you more about this when we start working together.


Our Services.

How we help.

Logo & Brand Creation.
A memorable logo that confidently communicates who you are, what you do, and what you stand for, is the foundation that a compelling brand is built upon. Your logo and the branding surrounding it should combine a meaningful mix of creativity, psychology and symbolism. That task is easier said than done, which is why we don’t just make logos for a “fiver”. We understand the power of great logo & brand design and all that it entails. We welcome you to browse our logo gallery for inspiration.
Brand Collateral.
We can create all manner of media to promote your brand and support the sales and marketing of your products or services. Every piece of collateral we produce is designed to consistently reinforce your brand’s core values, personality and tone of voice. Years of experience printing all manner of collateral has given us a long list of high quality suppliers throughout Australia, and all can deliver to your door. From the small stuff, like business cards, through to brochures, flyers, banners, merchandise through to the big stuff like signage and billboards, we have done it all.
Website Development.
A great website is still the most effective way for your clients or customers to connect with your brand 24/7. We approach each website project with thoughtful creativity and consideration for how it looks and how it works, through every step of the process. We aren’t a website factory. Each website we create is unique and one-of-a-kind, and is designed to talk specifically to your audience. Once your site launches you’ll be able to manage your pages and maintain content yourself. We also assist clients who require regular content updates and ongoing development.
There’s nothing better than sitting back and watching the sales roll in from your online store. But we still find a lot of small to medium sized businesses haven’t yet explored their e-commerce options. Most parts of your business can be replicated online… and after the initial setup, you can take the reigns and manage products and sales with ease. There are multiple options for online selling. You can start small and build over time, or go hard and roll out a superstore. Talk to us about your needs. Selling online might feel a little impersonal to some people but staying true to your real life customer experience is what we enjoy helping you achieve.
We have a secret crush on package design (well, not so secret anymore!). There is something very rewarding about creating 3-dimensional items that people interact with, when browsing, purchasing and then consuming. The design plays such a huge role in the decisions made by your target audience, so it should be approached with lots of care and expertise. If you have products that need brand new packaging, or some in need of a refresh, we would be more than happy to discuss your project.
Social Media.
These days you’d have to have been living with a remote tribe in the middle of an epic untouched forest to not know the power of social media to promote your brand. Tapping into eager audiences with their finger hovering on the “Like” and “Share” button is a must-do. But can you be doing it better? Do you need regular content such as blog articles and editorial imagery to be created? We can help.
Video Production.
Lights… Camera… hold on a second… let’s just make sure the shot is going to be perfect! There’s so much more to creating good video than meets the eye. We will help bring your video to life through direction, sound, lighting and location scouting to editing, colour grading, post production and exporting to all the appropriate formats.
Soundtrack Production.
Sound design is an art form in which we specialize. Getting the audio right is a critical element in any video production and even more important for radio or audio podcasts. We have written for a range of genres including television, radio, web videos and corporate training videos, not to mention Lee’s commercial releases  as a touring musician and songwriter. If you need to add audio to a project – be it narration, voice overs, sound effects or original music – give us a shout. Just don’t shout too close to the microphone.
Authors wanting to compliment their wordsmithing with a gorgeous layout have several options when it comes to e-books. Our specialisation is very similiar to traditional book or magazine design, where we work with finalised content and create beautiful layouts in Adobe Creative Suite software. The finished layouts are “fixed layouts” and do not re-flow text to fit and are typically delivered to your audience as downloadable PDFs. If you are needing existing publications converted into EPUB or other popular formats, we can refer you to specialists in that area.
Books & Magazines.
Book and magazines are a wonderful format where gorgeous typography and crisp, clean design can be a true hero. When working on multiple page layouts – newsletters, catalogues, magazines and books – we can help with layout, cover art, templates, typesetting and print management. We have extensive experience working remotely with individuals and teams to produce books and magazines that people love.
Email Marketing.
Communicating with your audience with regular drops into their inbox is still an under-used option for many small to medium sized organisations. The key is creating meaningful and thoughtful communication that is of interest to your mailing list. For audiences that are loyal to a brand, a successful email campaign can be like getting a letter from a friend! Yes, we believe email marketing can be that exciting. We help with content advice, editing, copywriting, beautiful graphics and setup of html emails using Mailchimp. All you need to bring is the mailing list and your ideas.
Domain Management & Hosting.
Ever had the company that hosts your website just turn off your site because apparently its used up too much bandwidth? Or maybe someone you worked with in the past has gone AWOL and has all the passwords for your domain name? Worse yet, when you want to move to better hosting, your current host holds your files at ransom?! We’ve seen all these things happen to customers. Yikes.
We offer reliable website, email and domain name hosting so that you know you’ll always have ownership of your digital property, and offer personal support at every step of the way.
Lee Fielding



Lee has worked in Ad agencies and digital marketing for over 18 years. After art school, his first roles in advertising were in the art department, being all ‘old-school’ with bromides, spray glue and scalpels. He moved into the less messy digital world and web design and development circa 1998 within Queensland’s largest independent advertising agency and has been responsible for delivering web projects and digital marketing solutions for clients such as  Dreamworld, Brisbane Airport Corporation, Qld Government, SEQ Water, Cairns Port Authority, University of the Sunshine Coast and many more. He assists Two Trees Creative clients with website development, brand strategy, editing, video and sound production, domain management and technical assistance. Lee is also a passionate musician, and enjoys performing in his career as a solo artist and gigging with his band in Australia and the US.

Trudy Renee

Founder, Creative Director


Trudy Renee has exercised her creative muscles for over 16 years, working as a designer with various regional and south-east Queensland advertising agencies. Her passion for branding and helping people bring their vision to life is evident in her attention to detail and always going the extra mile. The easiest way to describe her level of enthusiasm for her creative work is that she sincerely cares about her clients and their successes. Trudy Renee can assist with brand strategy, design, print liaison, copy-writing, content creation, website design and development, social media and helping clients to focus and align their vision and branding. When she isn’t head down, bum up working, she bravely tries to play the cello, is an over-eager Instagrammer, indulges her food obsession, or can be found in national parks soaking up nature in all its glory.